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Bridging loan

Purchasing property in any location has proven to be a worthwhile investment opportunity, however, if you are a property professional in the Bristol area, it has been predicted that house prices may fall, opening up a fantastic opportunity to invest in your next property development project.

At Glide, we offer reasonable funding solutions to help the next generation of property professionals achieve their goals. A bridging loan is a short-term loan that can be used to bridge the gap in their finances. For example, if you cannot obtain a traditional mortgage for your chosen property, a bridge loan can be used to pay for the property.

Glide bridge loans are secured against the property and are agreed upon based on the LTV of the property and your exit strategy. If you’re a property investor or developer, a bridge loan could be the ideal funding you need to get your next project off the ground.

Investing in property can be unpredictable, always stay a step ahead with reasonable funding options with Glide. Apply now in less than five minutes and receive your answer the same day.

Access fast bridging loans for commercial properties

Bridging loans can help with business and commercial property purchases in the Bristol area to ensure you meet your tight turnarounds, financial deadlines, auction property purchases, and more.

A Glide bridge loan is ideal for property developers and investors looking to bridge a gap in their finances and secure their next property development opportunity. 

Whether you’re purchasing a new commercial premises, a business investment, or an auction property to flip, Glide can help.

We are 100% privately funded and can make flexible, fast decisions that other lenders cannot. You’ll never miss out on an investment opportunity again with a Glide bridging loan.

Apply online is less than five minutes and you could be funded in as little as 5 days. Or, you can contact us directly.

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Who can bridging loans help?

Bridge loans are mainly used by property professionals such as investors and developers. You can use your Glide bridge loan for:

Auctions – securing an
auction property

Barn conversions

Quick cash injection
to fund a project

Un-mortgageable properties

Renovation/development properties

Quick investment opportunities

Short term capital

Tax payments

Honour obligatory

At Glide, we want to provide reasonable funding options to everyone. Unlike other lenders, we don’t have an ‘ideal’ borrower. We consider all applications and make our decision based on the LTV of the property and your exit strategy. No hoops to jump through at Glide.

Why would you use a bridging loan?

Bridging loans are used for business purposes to purchase a commercial property for development or investment opportunities. The purpose of a bridge loan is to ‘bridge’ a financial gap and help you fund your projects. Providing you have a viable exit strategy; you can borrow for a short period of time (up to 12 months) and use your approved exit strategy to repay your loan.

Auction properties, for example, have a 28-day period to complete the property purchase and deposit the necessary funds. If you did not have sufficient funding to do this, but don’t want to miss out on the investment opportunity, a bridge loan with Glide could be ideal. Once you have secured the property and done the necessary work, you can follow through on your exit strategy and pay your loan back. Simple.

You can bid confidently with a Glide bridge loan. Apply online today and see yourself funded in 5 days.

Other lenders may charge unreasonable fees, hidden charges, and fixed contracts that lock you into interest repayments for longer than you need the loan. A bridge loan with Glide is fee-free, secured on no minimum term, and will be agreed upon in relation to your unique circumstances. A Glide loan is the easiest way to secure your next development opportunity in the Bristol area.

Alternatively, you can use your bridge loan for short-term loans for as little as a month. A Glide bridge loan has no minimum terms, if you need it for a month, you only have to pay interest for that month – we told you we’re reasonable.

Did we mention that we’re fee free…

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Why use Glide for bridging loans in Bristol?

Glide provide fee-free bridge loans in the Bristol area for experienced and novice property professionals. We pride ourselves on offering reasonable lending solutions to everyone.

Your Glide loan:

  • Fee free – no sneaky charges with us
  • Minimal application fuss – it’s all online and can be completed in five minutes or less
  • No minimum term – interest is only charged on how long you borrow for
  • Funds can be released in 5 days
  • Application is entirely online and in a helpful portal
  • You will always be put into contact with a decision maker

Our bridging loans can be
taken out for a period of
up to 12 months


We offer funding of
£50,000 - £20million


We’re fee free! No
hidden fees, no sneaky


Interest rates from 0.85%


We consider each
application based on
individual circumstances


We do not have an
‘ideal’ borrower

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The Application Process
– Quick approval

Our application process is quick and easy and can be completed in five minutes or less. Once you’ve applied, we can send over your decision in principle.
The application process is entirely online and can be managed easily in our online portal.

We make our decision based solely on the property LTV and your proposed exit strategy. 

We won’t need to check your credit history and we won’t ask you for silly lending criteria in order to secure a loan with us. We have no formal criteria for who we can lend to. Our decision is always made based on your individual circumstances, the LTV of the property, and your exit strategy.

We offer flexible and reasonable bridge loans. If you have previously been denied bridging finance or are deemed an ‘unconventional’ borrower, a Glide loan may be perfect for you.

We are 100% privately funded and have the ability to make fast and flexible decisions other lenders cannot.

If you’d like to know more about our bridge loans, please contact us directly.

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Bridging loan
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