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A bridging loan is a short-term loan that allows you to access funds quickly and get from point A to B. Bridging loans give you the funds you need quickly without having to jump through a million hoops.

We can provide you with a bridging finance offer within 4 hours using our 5-minute online process, and see you funded within 5 days. We are completely paperless and don’t see the need for long applications and endless form filling.


We don’t move the Goalposts – Each loan is tailored around your requirements and based on the information you provide us.


No complex terms and hidden fees – All offers outline the loan amount available, the cost of the loan and any fees associated with the loan, prior to you proceeding.


We don’t do endless paper application forms – you can apply online using our simple application process.


We don’t make borrowers jump through hoops – We keep requirements from you to a minimum making it as stress-free as possible.

When it comes to bridging finance, there can be a lot to take in.

Endless application forms, long lists of conditions, tricky jargon… Glide do not believe in any of that; bridging finance is simple, and we like to keep it that way.

At Glide, we want to be different. You can apply online in less than 5 minutes and receive your terms in under 4 hours. All your costs will be outlined prior to signing your terms. We show you the total cost of your loan, and we will always look to find a way to make a deal work.

Each project is unique, and each client is different. We work with clients to find something that works for you.

What really sets us apart is our ability to keep things simple. We won’t ask for your blood type or your inside leg measurement before we give you an answer. We work the old school way, and we value the relationship with our clients.

Bridging finance with Glide is simple. Your terms will be unique to you.

Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

What is a Bridging Loan?

We’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re looking to buy a property but it’s going to need some work to get it to a mortgageable state. You’ve tried a mortgage and it was a swift no. You need quick access to money, and you know this project is worthwhile, so you don’t want to hang around.

You can take out a Bridging loan while you fix it up and get it into a better state. Once it’s in the right shape, you can mortgage the property and pay off your short-term bridging loan. A to B, simple, swift, smart.

A bridging loan essentially builds a bridge for you to get to where you need. Bridging finance is a short-term solution that gives you access to cash quickly. You’ll never miss out on a new commercial venture or a great opportunity with Glide.

How does it work?

Our process is quick and effective: the way Bridging loans should be. We don’t ask for a lot and it really is as simple as:

How much are you looking for?
How long do you need the funds for?
What is the security address?
What is the value of the property you are securing against?
How do you intend on repaying your loan?
From the moment you apply online or over the phone you’ll be in contact with a decision maker; No waiting around, you’ll have an answer the same day.

Our process is simple and completions can be in as little as 5 days

Look how easy it is to borrow from us:

Step 1


Apply online in under 5 minutes and receive same-day approval. Tell us your loan requirements and receive terms within 4 hours.

Step 2

Accept the offer

Accept your offer online with a click of a button.

Step 3


Once we’ve had your offer back, we will arrange for your property to be independently valued.

Step 4


Once the valuation report is back, and the case underwritten, solicitors will be instructed to do the necessary due diligence and your facility agreement will be with them for you to complete.

Step 5


We have completed loans from application to completion within 5 days.

Apply Now in Less Than 5 Minutes

What Are the Requirements for Obtaining a Bridging Loan?

Glide can provide a bridging loan irrespective of your personal circumstance as we lend against the property value. When you choose Glide, it doesn’t matter whether the property you are looking to secure the loan against is residential, commercial, semi-commercial or even land.

It would be useful if you had proof of the following to hand, as and when you decide to apply:

Proof of Address
Assets & Liabilities
Your Solicitors' Details
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What our customers say:

Mr and Mrs Sharp

We had the chance to buy our offices we were renting and our bank were taking so long our landlord was going to sell to someone else. Without Glide we would have lost it! The loan completed in just 2 weeks.

Mr McConnell

Glide are a breath of fresh air. There were a number of hurdles that came up during legals but they just always found a way to get past them, a real can-do attitude.

Mr and Mrs Dawson

Glide understood my circumstances and didn’t judge me based on my credit report which was refreshing, I could raise the capital I urgently needed for my business.

Benefits of working with Glide

There are numerous benefits to working with Glide.

We don’t believe in using smoke and mirrors to win business. We will always be as transparent as possible from the moment that you contact us. We make our process simple and easy to understand. We don’t ask questions that aren’t necessary and use technology to simplify your journey

Our experience within the bridging industry means we know what borrowers want and how to be different from the rest.

Glide will need some information off you, but it won’t be all the ins and outs of your day-to-day life. Call us old fashioned, but it works.

We’ll lighten the load and make the process as straight forward as possible, and, if you need it, we are just at the end of the telephone

Why choose Glide?

Terms up to 12 months

Residential, commercial, semi-commercial property and land considered

Up to 70% LTV

Loans from £50,000 to £5,000,000

We’ve said it before, but we want to be different. A loan with Glide is the reasonable way to borrow money.

Why should I seek out Glide?

No stress

There are many benefits to working with Glide. Firstly, we know what we’re doing. We’re familiar with the systems in place, the deadlines we’re working towards and the time things take to complete. Having an experienced partner like Glide alleviates some of the stress and pressures. You’ll know all the ins and outs upfront.

Evolving market

Aside from this, we know the market, and the market is always evolving and moving quickly. It can be confusing at the best of times which is why with Glide you are always in safe hands. We also understand each case is different and we can adapt to your unique needs.

Quick completion

As they say, time is money. We have completed deals in as little as 5 days.

Ultimately, your bridging loan is the gateway to your goal. We’re on your side and will outline everything that is needed upfront to make your process seamless.

Bridging Loans

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan typically taken out for up to 12 months, secured against property. They are often used to 'bridge the gap' prior to a long-term loan being found.

Who can get a bridging loan?

Glide lends to individual borrowers, companies, expats, and foreign nationals as long as the property is based in the UK.

How much can I borrow on a bridging loan?

Glide can lend up to £10 million (sometimes even more for the right deals) and our minimum loan is £50,000.

Do I need a deposit?

Not always, we can lend 100% if there is additional security available.

What is a bridging loan secured against?

A Glide loan is secured against a property you already own or one that you are looking to purchase, all our loans are secured.

How much will a bridging loan cost me?

This depends on the LTV you are looking to borrow and the term of the loan. But all costs are clearly outlined in your offer prior to you committing, so you are fully aware of how your loan works and what it will cost.

Can you get a bridging loan with bad credit?

Yes! Glide are a non-status lender which means we do not perform credit checks and our loan is based on the property we are securing against.

How long does it take to arrange a bridging loan?

Glide can complete a bridging loan in as little as 5 days, but the average completion time is two weeks.

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