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What is a commercial
bridging loan?

A commercial bridging loan is a short-term loan that is secured against a commercial property. Commercial bridging can be used to purchase an investment property, a business premises or to fund business expenses.

For a commercial bridging loan, the overall use of the property must be more than 40% commercial.

Borrowers must have a viable exit strategy to repay bridging loans. For commercial units that are purchased using a commercial bridge loan, the exit strategy will involve refurbishing the unit and then selling or refinancing onto a conventional commercial mortgage.

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When can they be used?


Buying a
property at auction


Refurbish or
reposition assets
e.g., converting a
disused office into
residential (flats)


When a property
would be otherwise
not mortgageable
due to derelict/
unhabitable at the
time of acquisition


When you don’t
yet have planning
consent for a scheme

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The properties that a
commercial bridging
loan can be used for

A commercial bridging loan can only be used for commercial premises. Examples of these are listed below.

• Offices and professional practices
• Pubs, bars, restaurants
• Hotels, guest houses, B&B’s
• Retail premises and business parks
• Warehouses factories, and industrial units
• Large HMOs
• Semi-commercial property
• Care homes

What you should know
about commercial
bridge loans

Commercial bridging loans are based on the ‘property asset’ value, meaning the surveyor will only assess the brick-and-mortar value of the underlying property asset.

Commercial bridge lenders will tend to price each loan based on risk, however, commercial bridging is often priced high. There can be a lot of jargon to get round so we would like to help.


Lender arrangement fee – This is charged by the lender and can be added to the loan.


Lender exit fee – This is a fee a lender charges when you repay the loan. This is often one months interest or a fixed percentage


Broker fees – If you use a broker, they may charge you a fee. Typically, this can be up to 1%. This would be in addition to the fees the lender charges.


Valuation costs – Valuation costs are payable to a RICS surveyor for them to report to the lender the value of the property and any information that should be known. It is paid once you have accepted your terms and the overall cost will depend on the property value, type, and location.


Legal costs - You’re typically expected to pay both your own and the lender’s legal costs.

The process of securing a commercial bridging loan

A bridging loan with Glide is a simple and smooth process. The initial application can take less than five minutes, and the whole process can be completed within 5 days. We have detailed the steps below.

Step 1


You can apply online in less than five minutes and receive same day approval. We will have your terms over to you within 4 hours.

Step 2


View your loan offer in our helpful online portal and accept with just a click of a button.

Step 3


Once we’ve had your offer back, we can arrange a valuation of the property.

Step 4


All legal aspects will be completed at this point. Solicitors will carry out the due diligence needed and be given the security documents for you to sign.

Step 5


Your funds will be transferred to your solicitor and the entire process can be completed in as little as 5 days.

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Benefits of commercial
bridging loans

Commercial bridging loans offer a lot of benefits for businesses.

Useful for limited companies

Helpful to access funds quickly and complete purchases

Can be used in a variety of ways to secure a commercial premises

With Glide, there are no hidden fees

Loan is based on the value of the property

Flexible funding

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Why Property Investors Use Bridging Loans

There are a variety of reasons why property investors favour bridging finance over other lending methods. These are listed below.


Auctions require a quick turnaround for completion and a bridging loan is often the fastest form of finance


Traditional mortgage lenders do not allow works to be done to their security so you can use a bridging loan when you are converting one asset type to another

Cash Injection

Sometimes borrowers need an urgent cash injection to their business. They can secure a loan against their property short term by using a bridging loan

Un-mortgageable properties

Un-mortgageable properties will require some restoration or refurbishment work to get them into a mortgageable state. Bridging finance can help you to secure your property prior to a mortgage agreement


When renovating development properties you may need funding to get the project off the ground. Access a bridging loan to secure quick funding and get your project started

Quick investment

To capitalise on quick investment opportunities, you will need access to funds easily. Bridging finance can get funds quickly to you, to fit in with those quick turnarounds and secure your investment property


Bridging finance is an easy, short-term way of securing capital for your projects


Bridging finance can also be used to pay off a tax liability within the deadline timeframe.


Bridging finance can provide a short-term funding solution to meet business obligations and honour payments until long term funds are secured

Why choose Glide as
your bridging lender?

At Glide we pride ourselves on offering fair solutions to everyone. We don’t run credit checks on you, and we won’t silly questions. We provide solutions to secure your property dreams.

• Simple application process that takes less than 5 minutes
• We have a helpful online portal with all the details of your loan
• No endless application forms – it’s all online
• We won’t ask you to jump through hoops
• We won’t check your credit history or ask for proof of income. We work with you to find a solution to your borrowing needs

Read more about our lending criteria.

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How much will it cost?

The cost of your loan will be entirely unique to you and your agreed terms. Apply today to get a more accurate breakdown of your costs. But remember, Glide are fee free!

How much can I borrow?

We can lend from £50,000 - £20 million

Who is eligible for a commercial bridging loan?

Anyone looking to purchase a commercial property, business premises, or to fund business expenses.

Why use a bridging loan instead of a commercial mortgage?

Commercial mortgages are usually longer term than a bridge loan. Bridge loans can help you access funds quickly for shorter periods of time, while a mortgage has a lot more criteria, longer terms, and usually more work to obtain.

What commercial property types can a loan be used to fund?

• Offices and professional practices
• Pubs, bars, restaurants
• Hotels, guest houses, B&B’s
• Retail premises and business parks
• Warehouses factories, and industrial units
• Large HMOs
• Semi-commercial property
• Care homes
• Places of worship

What types of property can be borrowed against?

Your loan will be secured against a commercial property.

How long does the application process take?

Our application process can take less than five minutes and see you with funds within 5 days.

How quickly can I get access to funds?

You can access funds the same day as your application goes through, often we can complete in as little as 5 days.

Are interest rates higher than on residential properties?

Yes, they are.

Are commercial bridging loans non-regulated?

Our loans are unregulated – we do not offer and regulated loans

How long can I take out a commercial bridging loan for?

Loan periods can be up to 12 months; however, we can arrange specific terms that work for you and for us. Get in touch today to discuss

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