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A second charge bridging loan could be an ideal solution for those who have a mortgage secured against their property but require additional funding for a short period of time.

Second charge bridging loans can be used for a variety of things:

  • Purchasing an investment property
  • Business expansion
  • Redeveloping property
  • Refurbishment before sale
  • Additional funding needed
  • Business costs

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What are second charge bridging loans?

Second charge bridging loans are loans for those who already have a mortgage secured against their property but require some additional funding for a short period of time to help actualise their property goals.

It is referred to as ‘second’ charge because it is considered a secondary priority to your main mortgage or loan, which will be considered your ‘first’ charge.

When would you use a second charge bridging loan?

You can use a second charge bridging loan when you already have a mortgage on your property.

The most common uses are listed below.


Common Uses

Refurbishment of property before sale

Converting a property

Business transactions

Additional funding required for unrelated issue

Business expansion

Short term finance

The benefits of a second charge bridge

Second charge bridging loans are flexible ways of securing additional funding quickly. They’re ideal for short-term lending and they can be secured without the need to repay your existing mortgage lender.

Second charge bridging loans are flexible and do not require extensive checks like a traditional mortgage. The loan will be secured against the property and will be approved upon proof of a viable exit strategy.

They provide finance quickly and help you utilise your current assets.

Second charge bridging loans can only be used for businesses purposes when it is their main residence. This is ideal when funds are needed short term and you do not want to repay your existing mortgage.

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How do second charge bridging loans work at Glide?

At Glide, our process is simple, fast, and straight forward. You can apply online in less than 5 minutes and see you loan funded in as little as 5 days.

The process has 5 steps:


Application – apply online and we can respond with terms within 4 hours


Accept the terms – Accept your terms with a click of a button


Valuation – Once we have your signed terms we will instruct the valuer


Legals - We will instruct solicitors to do the necessary diligence to allow us to complete your loan


Completion – We can complete the entire process in as a little as 5 days.

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Key features and criteria

Up to 65% LTV
Funds in as little as 5 days
Retained interest or serviced
Non status


Who is eligible to take out a second charge bridging loan?

Anyone can take out a second charge bridging loan. If you are interested in applying, apply online today.

What is the maximum loan to value for a second charge bridging loan?

70% LTV.

What do Glide consider on bridging finance applications?

Our loans are secured solely against the property value and your exit strategy. As long as you have a good exit strategy planned, Glide will consider your application.

What is the minimum/maximum loan sizes for second charge bridging loans?

The loan sizes for second charge loans are £50,000 minimum £20 million maximum.

How much will it cost? Are there any hidden fees to pay?

This depends on the LTV you require but there will be no arrangement fees or exit fees which often saves clients thousands of pounds
We’re a fee free lender. We only charge interest on our loans. No sneaky fees or costs.

How long can I take second charge bridging finance loans for?

12 months

Will my first charge lender have to give consent to the second charge?

Yes, they will, in cases where they don’t, we can always look at other options for you like an equitable charge.

I have bad credit. Can I still get a second charge bridge loan?
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